Online Canadian Drugstores: A Solution to Easing American Health Care Costs

Economical health care alternatives should be a right, not a privilege afforded to the wealthy or select few that have access to “Cadillac” health insurance policies. In recent years, for example, the cost of health insurance has skyrocketed to almost untenable levels. Small and medium sized business are increasingly under the gun to provide their employees with reasonable health benefits, while at the same time not going bankrupt in the process. Much of this duress can be blamed on the parallel increase of malpractice insurance premiums, frivolous law suits, and sub-standard patient care. Eventually, the buck gets passed to the consumer who – for better or worse – bears the ultimate burden of paying for his or her health care.

There are some ways to mitigate rising health care costs if one is willing to think outside the box. It can be as simple as asking for generic medications instead of brand name labels at the pharmacy; or as dramatic as engaging in medical tourism visiting other countries for more affordable care. Lately, a new trend of shopping for medication online has become more acceptable and mainstream; especially for those on multiple medications and a limited budget.

Contrary to what most news organizations portray, most online pharmacies are simply electronic storefronts of legal, licensed operations in foreign countries. While the prospect of shopping for prescription medications in a third world nation might give concern to some, it’s actually very easy to buy medication from other countries with health care programs on par with or better than the USA.

Canada, for example, offers a host of online drugstores that are actually fully licensed by government health agencies. IPABC, the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia, regulates the Canadian Internet Pharmacy industry. Additionally, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, or CIPA agency has successfully supervised online pharmacies serving millions of customers in the USA since 2002. Online drugstores that are members of these respected organizations can be trusted as safe and secure places to buy medicine.

Finally, many online Canadian drugstores are part of the consumer activist group RxRights. This organization was originally formed by Americans looking to buy cheaper medication in Canada via bus trips across international borders in 1999. Eventually, RxRights expanded to include online pharmacies as an alternative to physically leaving the USA to purchase affordable medication. It’s no secret that Americans pay the MOST for medication in the world. Accordingly, RxRights strives to find pragmatic solutions for Americans that combines convenience, fair pricing, and greater service availability to those disaffected by the outrageous cost of prescription medication in the USA.


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